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The World of Stacked Nori

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2024/03/15Added the strange video "O-MI-SO" at works page.
2024/02/20Changed the design again. it because the before design was difficult to show well for any browser.
2024/02/02Changed the design. NoristaX still active!
2023/06/23Added the another strange video at works page.
2023/06/21Added the strange video at works page.
2023/06/14Changed the design. NoristaX is back for re-active in here!
2023/02/02Added Anti Tw*tter Tweet Club. Slava tweet something...
2023/02/01Changed the design.
2021/11/27Changed the design. The site got a new look!
2021/07/16NoristaX's buttons for link available!
2021/07/13Added About Slava page.
2021/07/06Added NoristaX info page.
2021/07/03NoristaX started!

Recent Status

Mood Stupidly sleepless
Playing Game Samurai Warriors 2, 4
Listening Music Menudo - Subete a mi moto
Staying Place On the sticky floor
Eating Food Taiwanese Oyster Noodle