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The World of Stacked Nori

Hello World! Thanks for your visiting. I'm Slava who this site's contents creator, and I'm so happy you found your way to my site. Because the paths to find NoristaX are slight and limited, with this site rarely showing in the top search result of recent search engines, it's rare that someone like you comes here. I update the site in my own way by making content little by little, trying new web design techniques, so the contents still few but hope you enjoy current site!


The site called "NoristaX" is a personal web site. I started the project of this site in the summer of 2021. I wanna show someone content created by me and introduce my favorite things. Hopefully someone will understand me through those. And also this project is for learn to me web design and programming. Lots of incomplete page in here, I fix it and I wanna have more contents. The site will get better little by little toward the future!

Recent Work

2023/06/23Added the another strange video at works page.

2023/06/21Added the strange video at works page.

2023/06/14Changed the design. NoristaX is back for re-active in here!

2023/02/02Added Anti Tw*tter Tweet Club. Slava tweet something...

2023/02/01Changed the design.

2021/11/27Changed the design. The site got a new look!

2021/07/16NoristaX's buttons for link available!

2021/07/13Added About Slava page.

2021/07/06Added NoristaX info page.

2021/07/03NoristaX started!

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