@NoristaX2023/08/11 23:12:55

Your great performance in The Legend of the Stardust Brothers expand my understanding of the people with too much makeup. Forever, Niji Kaoru played by ISSAY! 星屑兄弟の伝説は世界で一番良い映画だ、本当に。虹カヲル、FOREVER...!

@NoristaX2023/08/10 22:24:19

Who do you think it is? Is it a famous mouse? No, This is Takobue! たこぶえという狂気。たこぶえのぶえって笛?

@NoristaX2023/08/10 18:26:42


@NoristaX2023/08/09 13:59:15

@NoristaX2023/08/08 13:07:41

"I was misunderstanding that someone stay with me." I already feel that despair little by little... It's a superb poster. もう既に感じつつある、この未来。

@NoristaX2023/08/08 12:50:30

@NoristaX2023/08/04 13:45:38

I'm repairing the used Go-On Green jacket (unofficial), because the fake leather part of jacket has already peeled when I got. Finely applying acrylic paint so many time... I exhausted because of it. コスプレ衣装業者によるゴーオングリーンの中古ジャケットを入手したけど、やはり15年近く経っているから劣化がひどくて、アクリルペイントを塗って修復しています。普通にはみ出しまくりだし、すっごく大変で疲れました・・・。

@NoristaX2023/08/03 17:20:20

Look, this sad picture... My cat step on my photo collection of Masahiro Usui who played Go-On Green... I apologize Usui-san.(T-T) 猫が!!猫が!!私の碓井さんの写真コレクションを踏みつけた!!やめろーー!!(T-T)

@NoristaX2023/07/29 16:10:19

32cm (12.5 inch) Go-On Green's big figure!! Let me show this!! Go-On Green is muscular after transforming unlike Hant's body type as usual... ゴーオングリーンの32㎝ビッグソフビフィギュア!!相変わらず、変身するとムキムキだなー。

@NoristaX2023/07/22 20:12:59

No comment. 特にコメントなし。