@NoristaX2024/04/17 15:55:24

When I was child I wanted play this arcade "Samba de Amigo" and my parents took me to the game center named Cats Eye, one day. I couldn't understand why My family member no one wanted to play this. I was the only one strongly swing around the maracas contorller while shamelessly dancing, it made my family feel a shame...? But it was fun to me so much! I wonder why I love Latin american culture since my childhood. :D 子どもの時、このアーケードめっちゃ遊びたくてゲーセンに連れて行ってもらった。家族は誰も一緒に遊んでくれなくて、たった一人でマラカスのコントローラーを振り回して踊ったよ。楽しかったー。不思議なんだけど、物心ついた時にはラテン文化が好きになってたなー。

@NoristaX2024/04/16 14:59:45

It's my partner for cleaning the new room... My new rooms floor is sooooo sticky unbelievably! I don't have a free time I'm busy for clean. 床がベタつきすぎなんだよ!!ケルヒャーなかったら、まともに過ごせねえほどのベタつきだよ!!あああああ!!

@NoristaX2024/04/09 00:23:35

I'm glad to finally found the new place and moved there...!!

@NoristaX2024/03/25 13:11:52

I'm into drinking Vivi Bubble Tea's Japanese Matcha...! The rich flavor made me various inspiration. But it's not matcha green color...! Vivi Bubble TeaのJapanese Matchaは、鼻から抜けていくフローラルな香りがめちゃくちゃ良い。でも、抹茶らしい緑じゃない・・・これは一体・・・!?

@NoristaX2024/03/14 10:34:40


@NoristaX2024/02/28 23:50:39

It's a treasure box casually putted on the field. その辺に無造作に置かれた宝物。

@NoristaX2024/02/27 14:01:11

I should move another place from my recent residence by gentrification of my neighborhood. But I still don't find the new one. I just going to be a homeless if it goes on like this even though I have a money... I don't like you the recent mayor of NYC...

@NoristaX2024/02/21 23:30:45

This is posted with my heart. (That's a rare thing for these shout posts.) I started NoristaX project in 2021 Summer and got sick right away...! It was a severe asthma that made a wall to the willingness to my creativity. I needed to rest because I hardly breathed almost everyday. I had depressed from the whole situation. I was dreaming before started the project what I'll make lot of pages of my interests and lot of unique web contents used Javascript but I couldn't do that. My another site was manage to update, only that made me happy in those days. Happily, I almost recovered my symptoms now, I wanna restart the project of this site from now on. Please don't get worse again. 文章長すぎて日本語書くスペースなくなった(; ̄ー ̄川

@NoristaX2024/02/20 19:09:25

サンリオピューロランド原住民族。入植してきたかわいらしいネコとかウサギの開拓民より彼らを応援したくなる。 The natives who inhabit in Sanrio Puro Land. I love them more than the colonists such as a very popular and cute cat with ribbon and an identically popular rabbit with red or pink hood etc.

@NoristaX2024/02/15 19:02:13

This is a nice song but the video looks dangerous love story. A middle-aged man who is someone's father is crazy about the black hair queer boy who go to the same school as that man's child, and that middle-aged man and the Eastern European punk who suddenly appeared fight over for the boy. Sorry, that's how this video seems to me... 中年男が自分の子どもと同じ学校に通うクィアー少年に夢中で、同じく彼に夢中な東欧人のチンピラとの三角関係を巡って葛藤している話に見える・・・。