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@NoristaX2023/09/07 15:17:41

I completely repaired Go-on Green jacket so I wore it and took a photo. ゴーオングリーンのジャケットの修繕が完了したので、せっかくだから着て写真撮りました...!

@NoristaX2023/08/25 16:06:31

Recently I'm busy too much. I just wanna go to Hama sushi...!! what do you think about my sushi choice in the picture? 最近忙しい(T-T)ただ私は、はま寿司に行きたいだけです。

@NoristaX2023/08/18 20:38:55

"Can you say your address?" "It's a hellish shitty hole." I also was living in the place. Anyway escaped from there. But I'm trying to accepted my destiny... 地獄みてえなクソみてえなとこから逃げたくても逃げ切れない・・・!

@NoristaX2023/08/17 14:42:39

@NoristaX2023/08/15 16:21:20

Holy Knights is the one of the best symphonic metal band I've listen.

@NoristaX2023/08/14 16:50:46

Ah, dear Kin Fuji... My family went to a pachinko everyday, it takes 30 seconds from our house on foot... Of course we was poor because family members didn't "fever" so much from there!! (T-T) They was completely an addiction of it...SUCK!! Fortunately, I could escape from this background but I want to play pachinko sometime... DNA scare me off...!!!! DNAって怖いですね。うちの家族がパチンコばっか行ってて、幼少期に変な暮らしして大変な思いしたのに、それでも大人になったらパチンコおもしれーってなるんですよ?怖いですねー。

@NoristaX2023/08/11 23:12:55

Your great performance in The Legend of the Stardust Brothers expand my understanding of the people with too much makeup. Forever, Niji Kaoru played by ISSAY! 星屑兄弟の伝説は世界で一番良い映画だ、本当に。虹カヲル、FOREVER...!

@NoristaX2023/08/10 22:24:19

Who do you think it is? Is it a famous mouse? No, This is Takobue! たこぶえという狂気。たこぶえのぶえって笛?

@NoristaX2023/08/10 18:26:42


@NoristaX2023/08/09 13:59:15