@NoristaX2024/05/30 14:15:01

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! TSUJI-CHAN!! KAGO-CHAN!! (...Just between you and me, I'm a Tsuji chan person. I watch her video almost every day) 周りに加護ちゃん派しかいない中、ずっと私は辻ちゃん派でした!!もちろん、加護ちゃんもかわいいよ。

@NoristaX2024/05/13 16:30:55

NoristaXのデザインを変えました。気合を入れて、むやみやたらにJavascriptをいっぱい使ってみました。ちなみに、ChatGPTが手伝ってくれました。ありがとう。なんだかよくわからないけど楽しんでくれる人がいるといいなあ。 NoristaX got the new design. It’s used javascript so many because I was fired up for making this project...! By the way thanks ChatGPT that are trend now it helped me. I can't understand what do I want to do for the page but I'm so happy if someone enjoy my new site.

@NoristaX2024/04/27 13:24:52

NoristaX new project is coming soon. please wait a little bit.新しいプロジェクトが進行中なので、もう少々お待ちください(゚∀゚)

@NoristaX2024/04/17 15:55:24

When I was child I wanted play this arcade "Samba de Amigo" and my parents took me to the game center named Cats Eye, one day. I couldn't understand why My family member no one wanted to play this. I was the only one strongly swing around the maracas contorller while shamelessly dancing, it made my family feel a shame...? But it was fun to me so much! I wonder why I love Latin american culture since my childhood. :D 子どもの時、このアーケードめっちゃ遊びたくてゲーセンに連れて行ってもらった。家族は誰も一緒に遊んでくれなくて、たった一人でマラカスのコントローラーを振り回して踊ったよ。楽しかったー。不思議なんだけど、物心ついた時にはラテン文化が好きになってたなー。

@NoristaX2024/04/16 14:59:45

It's my partner for cleaning the new room... My new rooms floor is sooooo sticky unbelievably! I don't have a free time I'm busy for clean. 床がベタつきすぎなんだよ!!ケルヒャーなかったら、まともに過ごせねえほどのベタつきだよ!!あああああ!!

@NoristaX2024/04/09 00:23:35

I'm glad to finally found the new place and moved there...!!

@NoristaX2024/03/25 13:11:52

I'm into drinking Vivi Bubble Tea's Japanese Matcha...! The rich flavor made me various inspiration. But it's not matcha green color...! Vivi Bubble TeaのJapanese Matchaは、鼻から抜けていくフローラルな香りがめちゃくちゃ良い。でも、抹茶らしい緑じゃない・・・これは一体・・・!?

@NoristaX2024/03/14 10:34:40


@NoristaX2024/02/28 23:50:39

It's a treasure box casually putted on the field. その辺に無造作に置かれた宝物。

@NoristaX2024/02/27 14:01:11

I should move another place from my recent residence by gentrification of my neighborhood. But I still don't find the new one. I just going to be a homeless if it goes on like this even though I have a money... I don't like you the recent mayor of NYC...