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10代の頃に描いた人物の絵が出てきた。あの当時、こんな人がいればいいなと思っていた。人間に期待していたのだ。a picture of a person who my ideal I drew in my high school era. I was hoping that kind of person in the world while drawing it. I hope I can meet the person. I expected something more from humans.

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@NoristaX2024/02/11 10:01:50

ねえ、なんなのお前たち・・・。Hey, what are you guys doing...?

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今更、戦国無双2(と猛将伝)のキャラクターランキングを作ってみた。自分でもどんな基準があるのか全くわからん。一貫性がないようであるのかもしれない。ランキングした上に画像作るなんて、すっごい暇人って感じ。社会に拘束されていないことに感謝します・・・! This is my top 10 Samurai Warriors 2 characters. I can't understand what kind standard is this. It seemed consistency is nothing? This picture I made show I have a lot of free time now. Thanks for not being bound by anything my life.

@NoristaX2024/02/08 14:09:30

高校生の時、この河川敷によく来ていた。しかも、夜中2時とかにひとりで訪れていた・・・。ある夏の日の夜中にもやって来たのだが、見ている景色がいつもと違って見えた。異世界にでも飛ばされたんじゃねえかと思ったけど、たぶん違う。 When I was a high school student I often went alone to this riverbed and it was midnight most times... One midnight when I had gone there everything from the view I could see seemed so strange. Thinking about it now I got into another world...? maybe not... but I felt like that...

@NoristaX2024/02/07 15:31:50

I don't wanna be friend with someone who asks stupid questions like "Yuichi or Koji, which one is more good?>" Do not ask such a question... BOTH OF THEM ARE GREAT!! ”YuichiとKoji、どっちがいい?”とか、くだらねえ質問するやつとは知り合いになれない。どっちも良いに決まってるからだ・・・!!

@NoristaX2024/02/07 17:04:39

"The 3 color schemes appeteizer sushi - $4.27/698 Yen" "Fisherman's style onigiri - $1.74/258 Yen" The reason I wanna go back to Japan is this...! (This rate convert $1 to 147 yen) 日本に帰りたい理由がここにある・・・!

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もう自分に家族がいないのは悲しいけど、シオンと共通性を得たと思えば耐えられると思った。I also don't have a family from now on. It discouraged my life but that means I have a same personality with Hubbardian Sion so I think I'm okay.

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私に世界の広さを教えてくれた数少ない人物の1人。これは彼が一切望むことではないだろうけど、ずっと理想を見出していた。今、どこで何をしているか一切知らないけど、自分の人生をより良くしてくれた人なので、元気に暮らしていてほしいね。 He is the one of people who gave me the truth that there are always things more than I know in this world. I had found the ideal from him for a long time, even though it's not his hoping, maybe. I appreciate him that he unintentionally brings my life get closer to meaningful, even so I don't know where do he live, what's his doing now. Hope he is doing well.

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10代の頃によく来た場所。この建物は、駅、マンション、ショッピングモールと歩行空間で繋がっており、 当時は最新だったレンタルビデオショップやカフェが入った未来的で便利な場所だった。 去年10年ぶりぐらいに行ってみたら、ほとんどのテナントが消えており、照明も半分ぐらいが消され、ほぼ人がいなかった・・・。 たったの10年で・・・いや、10年って長いか。 The place I was often coming when I was a teenager. This building is connected with a train station, an apartments, a shopping mall, there are a popular rental video shop and a cafe at that time in that. It looked like that futuristic and convenienced place. I excited every time I went there. So I went back there for the first time in 10 years and almost all tenants was gone, half of lights are turned off, almost no people... It became like a ruin in just only the 10 years... No, 10 years are so long...?