@NoristaX2024/02/05 22:32:28

もう自分に家族がいないのは悲しいけど、シオンと共通性を得たと思えば耐えられると思った。I also don't have a family from now on. It discouraged my life but that means I have a same personality with Hubbardian Sion so I think I'm okay.

@NoristaX2024/02/05 14:23:45

私に世界の広さを教えてくれた数少ない人物の1人。これは彼が一切望むことではないだろうけど、ずっと理想を見出していた。今、どこで何をしているか一切知らないけど、自分の人生をより良くしてくれた人なので、元気に暮らしていてほしいね。 He is the one of people who gave me the truth that there are always things more than I know in this world. I had found the ideal from him for a long time, even though it's not his hoping, maybe. I appreciate him that he unintentionally brings my life get closer to meaningful, even so I don't know where do he live, what's his doing now. Hope he is doing well.

@NoristaX2024/02/05 13:44:05

10代の頃によく来た場所。この建物は、駅、マンション、ショッピングモールと歩行空間で繋がっており、 当時は最新だったレンタルビデオショップやカフェが入った未来的で便利な場所だった。 去年10年ぶりぐらいに行ってみたら、ほとんどのテナントが消えており、照明も半分ぐらいが消され、ほぼ人がいなかった・・・。 たったの10年で・・・いや、10年って長いか。 The place I was often coming when I was a teenager. This building is connected with a train station, an apartments, a shopping mall, there are a popular rental video shop and a cafe at that time in that. It looked like that futuristic and convenienced place. I excited every time I went there. So I went back there for the first time in 10 years and almost all tenants was gone, half of lights are turned off, almost no people... It became like a ruin in just only the 10 years... No, 10 years are so long...?

@NoristaX2024/01/22 23:37:07

"Happy Birthday, Devilman...!" クソ映画に相応しくない無駄な美しさ。

@NoristaX2024/01/22 17:17:58

Today's top news. "FOUND MISTER BALOON"

@NoristaX2024/01/22 17:12:35

A word to stop shoplifting "HELLO". ...So, almost roughly I'm greeted shop employees to say "HELLO". Oh... OK. お店に行くと、大体こんにちはと言われます。それって、つまり・・・

@NoristaX2024/01/22 16:40:39

I gave it a appear in the famous bento shop kitchen DIVE's security camera this year too. Please do not worry I bought a water it unlike last year when I didn't buy anything. Do you get which one am I? 今年もキッチンDIVEの防犯カメラに再登場してみました。去年と違って、今年はお水買いましたので安心してください!3人のうち、どれが私でしょう?!

@NoristaX2024/01/15 13:21:36

What a crazy shop... It sexual exploitation and that disrespect for animals and egg. 動物や卵を性的搾取している!なんて店だ・・・!鬼畜め!!

@NoristaX2024/01/15 13:11:08

I don't forgive this shitty place... DO NOT discrimination against animal that children like or not!! Look, they have almost the same face!! 同じ顔してんのに身体的特徴で差別を受けている動物たち・・・この最低な場所を許すな!!

@NoristaX2024/01/05 15:26:13