@NoristaX2024/01/22 23:37:07

"Happy Birthday, Devilman...!" クソ映画に相応しくない無駄な美しさ。

@NoristaX2024/01/22 17:17:58

Today's top news. "FOUND MISTER BALOON"

@NoristaX2024/01/22 17:12:35

A word to stop shoplifting "HELLO". ...So, almost roughly I'm greeted shop employees to say "HELLO". Oh... OK. お店に行くと、大体こんにちはと言われます。それって、つまり・・・

@NoristaX2024/01/22 16:40:39

I gave it a appear in the famous bento shop kitchen DIVE's security camera this year too. Please do not worry I bought a water it unlike last year when I didn't buy anything. Do you get which one am I? 今年もキッチンDIVEの防犯カメラに再登場してみました。去年と違って、今年はお水買いましたので安心してください!3人のうち、どれが私でしょう?!

@NoristaX2024/01/15 13:21:36

What a crazy shop... It sexual exploitation and that disrespect for animals and egg. 動物や卵を性的搾取している!なんて店だ・・・!鬼畜め!!

@NoristaX2024/01/15 13:11:08

I don't forgive this shitty place... DO NOT discrimination against animal that children like or not!! Look, they have almost the same face!! 同じ顔してんのに身体的特徴で差別を受けている動物たち・・・この最低な場所を許すな!!

@NoristaX2024/01/05 15:26:13

@NoristaX2023/10/20 14:44:09

Hiroshi:"Hey, listen seriously. Every time you mistake we will lost one by one Shinnosuke's spare." No! I never accept it at all that Nohara Shinnosuke we know is the one of abundant stock his father tell us...!!(T-T) しんちゃんが替えの効くストックなんて誰が信じるもんか!!

@NoristaX2023/10/20 14:24:56

"Mankey Kong the kong reject orangutans isn't a kong side." Be kind each monkey side!! うらぎりマンキーコングは仲間ではないのですね。いつか受け入れあえる日が来るのを期待してます。てかさ、マンキーコングって単独の存在かと思ってたけど、種族の名前だったと今さら知ったし。

@NoristaX2023/10/17 23:31:51

Tamago kake gohan with Ogawa's tsubu sea urchin is so delicious...(T▽T)!! Tsubu sea urchin's ratio maximum for rice is my feast. It's better than anyfood in USA, so it's just I love tsubu sea urchin too much for I think like that... 小川の粒うに卵かけご飯美味しい・・・(T▽T)!!粒うにの比率が多けりゃ多いほどうまい。アメリカで食べられるどんなものより美味しい。そう思う私は、粒うにが好きなだけなのか?